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Democratic Demand And Supply In Rural Governance

Posted on:2009-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important factor in social governance, democracy stressed that members of the society widely participate in the management of their own affairs through the rational choice and consultation. The participation based on equal participation, expression and distribution plays an important role in the community management, mainly reflected in the contribution to the formation of scientific governing thinking, conciliation of social relations and improvement of social governing effect, and so on. The reason and process that the democracy integrate with China's rural social governance as well as the requiring change emerged along with the social development will be distinctly detected by applying theoretical analysis of the relationship between democracy and governance to study development of China's rural social governance with.The rural democratic governance of which the villager direct election and villager autonomy is the core content becomes the most important change in China's rural political life after China reformed and opened up the door, the most important feature of which is democratic elements integrate with society governance, and reveals the demand for democracy in China's rural social governance, which has profound historical, systematic and social reasons. Compared with the characteristics of overseas rural governance innovation model that single governing main body had been transformed to pluralistic democratic participation and democratic rights of farmers continuously expanding, China's rural governance presents the characteristics of system control more than economic regulation, focusing on administrative measures and small scope of farmer participation and so on. It reflects our weakness of democracy shortage in China's rural governance. Democracy demand of China's rural governance mainly reflected in three aspects - sense of democracy, democracy means and the democratic system, and it shows the features of diversity of the actualizing ways of democracy, difference levels of democracy needs, uncertainty of effectiveness of democracy. Compared with the democracy of People's Commune system while democratic rights of farmers under virtual, democracy demand weakening, democracy power of rural governance organization rigid, after China reformed and opened up the door, the democratic demand related to farmer's vital interests has significantly improved. The improvement of rural public administration has promoted the increase of democratic demand, the reverse effects of which on country's system construction and administrative system has become the general trend of the changes of democratic demand.In view of the democratic demand's feature and development rule in rural governance, we should pay attention to cultivating sense of democracy in whole rural society, improving the rural democratic elections, ensuring the status and effect of Villager Committees by expanding farmers' decision-making participation and promoting farmers democratic consultation across regions in the process of rural governance. Lastly, we shall strengthen the safeguards system of rural democratic governance. Implementing "Organic Law of Village Committees", we should promote democracy governance through legal governance. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of rural governance process and main body, in the meanwhile, in the prerequisite of correct positioning the status of grass-roots party organization, rural party organization shall play important role on promotion of democracy, beneficial governance, orderly operation of the main body power to enhance the rural governance level, promote rural development.
Keywords/Search Tags:democracy, rural governance, governing model, villager autonomy
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