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The Late Middle Ages The Reputation Of The British And French Judge Different Causes And Its Impact

Posted on:2010-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The two countries, England and France, have had important positions in the history of laws in the world. Judges had made quite an impact on making laws in England. But on the contrary, judges didn't have much effect on the law's government, and people didn't take enough attention to their work and their status in France, where the Parliament had taken a central place under rule of laws. What led to this?As is known, in the early Middle Ages, there weren't any differences between England and France. Judges in these two countries worked in the same way,and obeyed legal basis without more difference. But in the later Middle Ages, what made people surprised happened. During the period of the 12th and 13th century, reform of administration of justice pushed the process of concentration of Power, and improved the occupation of justice. Judges became professional perfectly. They tried their best to complete the foundation of Common Laws and protect the national freedom. At the same time, they fought off attack from the King's autocracy. In this country, it came to being that rule of law showed the main signs of independence of jurisdiction and principle that laws are supreme.Comparatively, in France, judges made such a mess of their jobs. There was full of problems and trouble. Their authority entered some confusion. They were dependent and controlled by those who had more heavy effect on political areas. Moreover, they came from the groups who had privileges and served for them. As a result, they were treated as enemies when Great Revolution burst out. Besides, rule of laws in France was typical as legislation.The comparison will lead to an end ,maybe a beginning meanwhile, about the effect of justice.
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