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Study Of Environmental Criminal Liability Legal Issues

Posted on:2009-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Natural environment supports the basis for survival and development of human beings. During the fast proceeding of modern society, huge amounts of physical fortune, but also serious issues of environmental pollution and natural resource destruction have been made by human beings, which might endanger further survival and development of the global people. Therefore, the issue of environment is becoming common concern of all the people in the world, and more attention has been paid to legislation and practice of environmental law.As a developing country, China is facing with a heavy fact of environmental pollution and natural resource destruction, as many cases happen every year. Based on reviewing the current laws related to environmental crime in China, their shortcomings insufficient to deal with the serious problem of environmental pollution and natural resource destruction are listed in this paper. Referring to experience in oversea environmental criminal liability law system, suggestion and approach to promote the constitution of environmental criminal liability in our country are presented by the author, emphasizing legislation of the individual criminal law to protect environment. According to the characteristics of environmental crime, principle of the environmental criminal law is suggested to be different from that of common criminal law, enlarging the object protection and range and also defining clearly the environmental crimes. It would be helpful to executors as carrying out lawful terms to punish environmental crime, and also beneficial to enhance efficiency and justice in law practice. The legislation of individual environmental criminal law would increase punishment of environmental crime and pertinently protect the natural environment, and would also redound to basically solve the environmental pollution problem for well survival of our people and continued development of our nation as well as increased national power in the world.
Keywords/Search Tags:Environmental pollution, natural resource destruction, environmental criminal liability, individual criminal law, environmental crime
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