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Case Of She Perspective Of Ancient Chinese Torture System

Posted on:2009-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ZhanFull Text:PDF
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She Xiang-lin was a reflection of China's ancient system of torture of negative factors on contemporary Chinese criminal activities.This paper describe the impacts of modem judicial activities which influenced by ancient Chinese torture system from these aspects:the evidence custom of Chinese ancient criminal proceedings,the means ofinterrogation,discrimination of the parties involved in the case,the traditional closed.First,torture system led to the tendency of the Pan-statement in Chinese ancient evidence system;Second,torture has become almost the only way of ad litem;Third: the torture system result in spreading of principle of guilty;Fourth,:Eventually,the torture system has become the guarantee means of closed period.The negative impacts of these four aspects caused over-statement,extorting confessions by torture,the presumption of guilt and the phenomenon of interference in the Judiciary in contemporary Chinese criminal activitie.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tradition of evidence, Torture system, Presumption of quilt
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