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.1949-1956 Years, The Party's Ruling Resource Construction

Posted on:2010-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Chinese Communist Party established itself through the practice accumulation to be in power the historical foundation, before Communist Party of China being in power, has experienced the long-term preparation. Because in party's ruling condition occupies changes unceasingly, but already had certain economic resource, the theory resources already tended to be mature, the Communist Party of China obtained the national most people's support and the support, the Communist Party of China being in power foundation already established. Regardless of being the troop and organization's construction, the leader and the policy-making experience, the discipline and the attitude stipulation, political, the economical, the cultural management aspect's working practice, how as well as party's self building and does deal with the complex international domestic situation to have set of quite mature systems and the rich accumulation. This is the Communist Party of China being in power perfect resources superiority.On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was tenable, the Communist Party of China became by the partial scope being in power party in the nationwide scale being in power party. Founded a nation the first seven years, the Chinese Communist Party maximum limit got together the social strength, completed the socialist transformation, China entered the socialism time. The new Chinese being established initial period, our party has continued about the new democracy time about the social class foundation theory and the practice, maintained party's advanced nature, passes through to agricultural, the handicraft industry and the Capitalist industry and commerce socialist transformation, China social class structure appearance "two social classes, a social stratum" quite sole tendency.The Communist Party of China to socialist construction's difficult exploration and each general and specific policies' basic formation, is in the Chinese Communist Party history the first conformity complete resources by consolidates the Chinese Communist Party being in power status. in 1949-1956 year Chinese Communist Party whole to the Soviet Model stem for stem, and forms the simplification the theory resources, causes the Chinese Communist Party to be narrow in this time theory field of vision, modernized this topic is separated from the Chinese society track, had not realized that to capitalism's historical mission, pauses as before in this question's understanding in the beginning. Right "anything is socialism" the understanding is unclear, right "how the build socialism" does the understanding present the deviation, transits eagerly to the socialism, pursues the development speed one-sidedly, is the later artificial class struggle magnification provides continues the power, party's theory resources and the ideology serious self-seal. In this paper, the author altogether divides into four chapters to introduce that 1949-1956 year Chinese Communist Party being in power resources construction, makes every effort 1949-1956 year this historical period ruling resources content and the characteristic does the thorough analysis, takes the research the Chinese Communist Party being in power resources connotation and this time being in power resources construction's experience key. In this historical period, Chinese Communist Party starts to run the political power comprehensively, symbolizes the Chinese Communist Party being in power resources construction comprehensive start. To this question's research, forms the author unique research mentality and the research results basically, forms oneself unique research chapter structure system.The main text altogether three chapters, study three questions separately. The 2nd chapter the party comprehensive conformity being in power resources by the consolidated ruling status, the research key content obtain the ruling status including the Communist Party of China the inevitability and the possibility, the Communist Party of China adopt the characteristic which measure comprehensive conformity being in power resources as well as this historical period party's ruling resources do present. The 3rd chapter the party being in power resources' adjustment and the way choice, after mainly study the party being in power resources adjustment the historical perspective, the founding of the nation, party's ruling resources adjustment's content as well as strengthens with the optimized party's ruling resources way choice. The 4th chapter 1949-1956 year ruling resources utilization's result and to today's historical enlightenment, mainly studies the Chinese Communist Party to utilize these ruling resources the achievement and 1919-1956 year party optimization and the conformity being in power resources to today's historical enlightenment.Finally is the concluding remark. Mainly elaborated own research in this domain status and the new opinion significance, as well as research forecast.1949-1956 years are the party conformity complete social resource consolidate the ruling status, were the Chinese society rapid progress time, in the economy make the huge progress, in the culture proposed that "Double Hundred" the policy, and proposed the exploration suited the Chinese national condition the socialist road, the Communist Party of China these resources conformity in the same place, ruling ability promotes comprehensively. Under the new historic condition, has realized own political function from the revolution to the construction transformation, caused the Communist Party of China to realize the different time role transformation.
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