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Study Of Land And Housing Resettlement Compensation Laws

Posted on:2011-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360302493333Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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In 2009 reported that China's Internet search engine ranked one of the top ten popular search terms there are "demolition." The legislation relating to the progress of the demolition is a concern. With the rapid economic development, rapid urbanization process accelerated, gradually expand the size of the cities, Beijing's construction land increased year by year. Beijing the last two years "prime sites" frequency is, prices have subsequently gone up, in particular, the amount of house demolition on collective land is also growing. Who does not want to live in the beautiful city of getting bigger, while no one wants to lose their homes. The rapid process of urbanization is bound to face the demolition issue, many deep-seated contradictions exposed. Demolition of the original intention is to speed up the urbanization construction, so that the living environment has become better. However, early in the development of relocation policies have been if not fully take into account the interests of the demolition, often would make the demolition a lot of difficulties on the implementation process, which is the purpose of this study lies.This paper intends to adopt policies more, for example, feasibility studies, theoretical research, foreign comparison and benefit analysis approach to the current relocation policy is mainly based on the land acquisition laws, regulations and policy documents as the basis, through the Beijing-related policies of land acquisition demolition Comparison analysis, we found the practice to be perfect and should learn from the inadequacies of the advanced experience, and then at home and abroad expropriation theory, and the State Council the latest progress of the demolition of legislation and look forward to a nationwide state-owned land for housing on the land acquisition and collective The system of land acquisition relocation analysis and put forward their views on the land acquisition of collective land for the relocation of Beijing policy improvements put forward constructive comments. This article highlights the most prominent is the demolition of the existing policy for land acquisition, Beijing, comparative analysis and research to find out which involved a legal loophole and made revisions.
Keywords/Search Tags:land acquisition, demolition, expropriation, compensation and resettlement, the public interest, forced evictions
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