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Legal System Of The National Student Loan Risk

Posted on:2010-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the country that have rich labor force of the world, if we want to become a country of strong manpower resource, and to strengthen the position in the fierce competition among the countries, we should devote major efforts to developping high education. The Government-Subsidized Student Loans is a favorable policy that the government help many impoverished students finish high education by financial measure, it helps poor students that have high marks receive high education equally, the loans is one of the most useful subsidizion. The Government-Subsidized Student Loans plays an important part in science and technology developping. But there are also some risks in the development of The Government-Subsidized Student Loans, so we should take a lot of measures to lessen the unfavorable influence.The purpose of the article is to analyse The Government-Subsidized Student Loans development condition and risks in lawful eyes, expound the problems that exsit, the purpose is set up a law system that may be on guard in the loan risk.This paper consists of four parts:The first part is the introduction of the background, develpoment condition, features and quality, present situation of developping ,and so on. Then analyse the risks of The Government-Subsidized Student Loans, what's more, draw into the conception of "RiskAvoidance".The second part is about the present situation and problems of our country's riskavoidance system of The Government-Subsidized Student Loans, then analyse the reasons why the rate of breaking contract is so high, so as to solve the problems.The third part is about the experiences of America, Japan and Austrilia, why they implement students loans so sucessfully. We compare with the situation of our country, and learn the useful things.The fourth part is some suggestions that can avoid risks from lawful view, so as to establish the suitable riskavoidance legislative system.The Government-Subsidized Student Loans is a kind of credit loan which the government guides, the banks implement and universities participate, only to perfect the law system can we realize the sustainable development of The Government-Subsidized Student Loans. Government, banks,high schools and students should join together, play their own parts, and make efforts to the common aim. Government should consummate the legal laws and regulations related to the loan .Also, bank should work out to wide the service of The Government-Subsidized Student Loans. Meanwhile, students must improve their own comprehensive quality to be a person with good faith. Additionally, college should play a role as an effective bridge in coordination with bank, examine and aprove the loans strictly and strengthen the education of sincerity.
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