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Study Of The Administrative Accountability System

Posted on:2011-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Go with the SARS Crisis, administration accountability system has been started up all-round in Chinese mainland. It has got prosperous development, caused extensive attention and received generous compliment. However, administration accountability system of China is still on the elementary level. It has great disagreement in theory and serious flaws in system, starving for quick settlement. The dissertation is going to distinguish the theory and trying to consummate the frame of administration accountability system.The dissertation consists of four chapters, except of the Introduction and the Conclusion.The first chapter starts with administration responsibility. The administration responsibility could be produced by illegal administrative act, inappropriate administrative act and part of legal administrative act. By cognizing the definition and signification of administration responsibility, the author thinks that on the whole, administration accountability is a system, in which particular subject inquires and penalizes the responsibility of administration and public official according to legal proceedings and reasons. But administration accountability system can not be simply equaled to the inquiry or penalization of administration responsibility. It's much more complex and systematic, includes relieving procedure, continuous system, and precaution system such like administration according to law, power consisting with responsibility, examination and evaluation of administration efficiency and public official's performance, and information disclosure system etc. The author will get a full view of administration accountability system by going through its elements, subject, object, reasons, procedures and responsibility system. Thereby the study object and scope can be defined.The chapter further traces back to theory origin, from "Social Contract" and "Power Control" of traditional politics, to "Economic Man", "Social Man" and "Principal-agent Theory" of New Institutional Economics. The establishment of administration accountability system is of great importance, especially to China which is in a transforming condition. It is beneficial to constructing a responsible and service-oriented government, a harmonious society, and to fostering high-quality public official group.In the second chapter, the author tries to assess the history and status quo of administration accountability system of China objectively. The author speaks highly of the big effort that the party and government has done in legislation, public official management and practice in administration accountability. Also the author points out some problems, such as flaws in legislation, the rule of men, "storm" action, defects of correlative system, chaos of responsibility system, and absence of continuous system etc.In the third chapter, the dissertation concerns about the characteristic administration accountability system of western typical democratic countries-America and France, and Hong Kong Special administrative Region; selects the Judicial Review and the Civilian System of America, the Constitution Committee, the Administrative Court and the Administrative Mediator of France, and Accountability System for Principal Officials of Hong Kong. By introducing these characteristic systems one by one, the author analyzes their feasibility and value in use in China, to enrich and consummate Chinese administration accountability system.Based on the discussion and analysis above, the last chapter comes to the conclusion. In order to consummate our administration accountability system, a series of advices and measures should be considered. Use both hard and soft tactics, to innovate the public administration culture, to perfect the laws and systems. Get support from correlative system reformation, such as government affair disclosing, freedom of the press, power consistent with responsibility, and personnel system reform. Due to the situation of China, the stress will fall on the standardization of internal administration accountability system, at the same time intensify the weak part of external administration accountability system. Establish scientific system of administrative responsibility to ensure the rationality of the inquiry and penalization. Enhance the continuous force of the administration accountability system to make sure that it is put into effect.
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