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Lawyers In The Flow Process Client List Legal Protection

Posted on:2011-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper will explore the problem that In the situation of lawyers' frequent job-hopping, how to protect client lists of law firms. The problem is restricted in certain scope in this paper. The paper discusses the object that is the client lists which are trade secrets. This paper is restricted in certain situation of lawyers'job-hopping. This paper will explore the problem when obliges are law firms. This paper is divided into the following four sectionsChapter one:this chapter wants to explore the relationship with client lists and trade secrets. Only when the client lists meet certain conditions can them be trade secrets.Chapter two:Only when the client lists meet certain conditions can them be trade secrets. The certain conditions not only include the general conditions, but also include several special conditions.Chapter three:the process protecting these client lists involved the tripartite rights. Obliges are clients, lawyers and law firms. The most important right is the clients' free choice right which we can not limit.Chapter four:this chapter is the key of the paper. The way to protect client lists can be divided into two kinds. One is through the national laws to protect them. The other is that obliges take confidential measures to protect them. The latter is more important. Before the discussion of the confidential measures, we should determine obliges. And then we can find two effective measures to protect these client lists which are the agreement of confidential measures and the agreement of prohibition.
Keywords/Search Tags:lawyers' job-hopping, client lists, trade secrets
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