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The Characteristics Of The U.s. System Of Hegemony And China's Peaceful Development Approach

Posted on:2011-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Hegemony is an ancient but eternal topic in the human history. Numerous nations chose to establish hegemony at the height of power. After World War II, the United States did not use the blatant military force or colonial rule which preferred by the past powerful nations to seek its hegemony, but established a kind of Institutional Hegemony based on its super economic power. Dominated by the United States, international institution of every field has been established to preserve the US hegemony in a more hidden way than ever before. In the international financial arena, the institution was embodied as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The whole story of IMF reflected the great influence exerted by the US hegemony.Developing very fast under the background of globalization, China has attached growing importance to international institution and actively participated in it. Since the challenge of the US power could not be avoided during this process, China should learn the specific traits of it so as to take proper diplomatic measure to avoid the potential conflict between the two powers; besides, China should try to reform the unjustified international institution. This thesis has studied IMF as a specific case to analyze the US affect on the international institution and raised the methods to cope with the problem in order to achieve the peaceful development of China.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Monetary Fund(IMF), Institutional hegemony, China's peaceful development
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