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On The Relationship Between The Construction Of University

Posted on:2014-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330422988346Subject:Higher Education
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This study focuses on the construction of higher school staff, which consists ofteachers, administrators and assistant counselors. As the mainstream parts, they playkey roles in the development of higher schools. The study analyses theinterrelationship between these three elements in a relational perspective, with apurpose to clarifying the mechanism and process of these interrelations. Byoptimizing these relations the approaches to and strategies of handling the problemsin staff construction are proposed.The construction of higher school staff is specific in contents, tasks and features.The construction of teaching staff, which entails long-termmess, strategy, lawensurance and stable development, includes size control, quality enhancement,structural optimization, improvement of administration and mechanism innovation,with an emphasis on the cultivation of discipline leaders and innovative teams; theconstruction of administrator staff, which is characterized by delamination,specialization and unity of scholastic and administrative management, involvesideology building, organization building and working style building; the constructionof assistant counselors staff, which is characterized by increasingly new connotationand specialization, includes training enhancement, improvement of evaluation systemand emotional management.There is both macro-relation and micro-relation in the construction of higherschool staff. Starting from a macro point of view, this study illustrates the relationshipbetween planning and implementation, size and structure, the needs for multiplicityand self-development, stimulation and regulation based on which the approaches toand strategies of handling these relationships is proposed. Besides, starting from anmicro-point of view, this study analyses general relationship within each element, thatis, the relation between professions and disciplines, scholastic freedom and scholasticresponsibility, the discipline leaders and discipline team, teaching and scientificresearch in the construction of teaching staff; the relationships between full-timeadministrative staff and part-time administrative staff, stability and fluidity, and different administrative departments in the construction of administrative staff; therelationships between daily work and long-term development, part-time and full–time, stability and fluidity in the construction of assistant counselor staff. In the end,the strategies to handle these relationships are proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:relationships, construction of teaching staff in higher school, construction of administrative staff, construction of assistant counselor staff
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