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A Study On The Relationship Between The Expectation Of Career Growth And The Turnover Intention Of New Employees In College Students

Posted on:2015-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330431470366Subject:Business management
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In recent years, frequently departures of these college students who are the new employees have aroused widespread concern. The employment situation is quite stern, and at the same time, dimission rate of those college students is increasingly rising, and amounts of these who have been prepared to sign the contract earlier break it later. So, many enterprises have to face the urgent issue that how to retain these new colleges staff, and keep new force of the enterprise. Researchers have done plenty of works to study the issue of employee turnover. However, there are few related research about the departure issue of those new staff, who are the college graduates.Firstly, this paper review and comb the existing related research theory from the perspective of occupation growth expectation of new college graduates staff, and at the same time build the model of the relationship between occupation growth expectation and turnover intention of these new graduate staff, combining with the characteristics of themselves. Secondly, a series of hypothesis based on the model has been proposed, the different dimension of occupation growth expectation impact on turnover intention has been checked, and the organization trust has been put into the model as a moderator variable for research. What needs point out is that this paper adopts questionnaire survey method, viewing these who are working within three years after graduation (including three years) of college students’employees as investigation object, and paper questionnaires and network questionnaires had been released.202questionnaires are available at last. Then series of data analysis which include reliability and validity analysis, factor analysis, and the correlation analysis and regression analysis had been carried out using the statistical software SPSS19.0. The paper draws three main conclusions subsequently:(1) Occupation growth of the new college student employees includes three dimensions:progress in career goals, professional ability to ascend, position and salary increase;(2) Two dimensions of occupation growth expectation have influence on turnover intention, and professional ability to ascend that there was no negative impact on turnover intention in this study;(3) Work stress plays a moderator role.Finally, the paper proposes some suggestions for human resources management practice in enterprises based on those conclusions, which can be generalized into three points:the first, enterprises should pay more attention to the departure phenomenon of those employees who are newly graduated from colleges, and help them draw up a reasonable career plan, so that they could have a good expectations of their career growth under this environment in the future. Second, in order to reduce or avoid the interpersonal conflict stress of these new staff, enterprises should create a harmonious working environment in the companies’team, so that employees can work more relaxed and efficient. In addition, they can organize series of staff activities to expand mutual contacts and communications between staff. Third, enterprises should decrease the role stress of those staff, newly graduated from colleges to the greatest extent through adjusting the internal management system. Let them know what they should do and arrange suitable assignment according to the characteristics of college graduates.
Keywords/Search Tags:New employees, Occupation growth expectation, Work stress, turnoverintention
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