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Research On The Specialty Transformation In The Professional Transformation Of The Newly - Built Local Colleges

Posted on:2016-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330473960801Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Along with our country’s economic development entered a new period, we pay much attention to the value of the vocational education increasingly. From<National medium and long-term education reform and development plan outline (2010-2020)> to <Speed up the development of modern vocational education decision>, put forward that we should transform a batch regular colleges into vocational universities, the most important is developing the applied universities, to deal with the singleness of undergraduate educational structure, the homogeneity of the university, the hierarchy Higher vocational education, etc. which provides a chance and challenge for the newly established local university which is the main force of popularization of higher education in our country. On the one hand, the professional transformation of the newly established local university can meet the needs of the reform and development of higher education structure, but also conform to the trend of higher vocational education development in the world, it fits for the requirements of social economy and sustainable development of students in the final analysis. On the other hand, the newly established local university are the kinds of higher educational organization, their core mission is personnel training, which depends on major. Therefore, The key to the transformation of professional research is how to remould the existing profession, adjust the training target, curriculum setting, teaching plan which is closely related with profession, to make it is better to serve the need of enterprise and job.The research follows the principle of theory and practice,history and logic,on the basis of asking questions, analyzing and solving problems, Using questionnaire method, interview method, history and literature, select a newly established local university (for short ’S’ university) whose Preschool education professional conducts a case study.First, According to the classification of higher education theory, demand theory, the design-oriented vocational education thought etc, the orientation of professional transformation of the newly established local university is undergraduate level vocational education, the aim of professional transformation is building a modern vocational education system, to make the diversification of higher education structure comes true, to cultivate market-oriented personnel for production, construction, service and management,so it is necessary to professional and major transformation.Second, we base on SWOT analysis method,124 questionnaires, the talent training scheme and the interview for the kindergarten,researching the’S’university’s preschool education major about advantage, weaknesses, opportunities, threats factors etc. The paper thinks that the preschool education major should give play to the internal advantage in the process of open curriculum structure, whole course practice teaching mode, higher level teachers and colleges’ key construction support, catch external opportunity of policy support and market requirement, improve the weakness factors that unclear orientation of the target, the curriculum is unreasonable, insufficient practical teaching, to survive in cut-throat competition between the universities and market demand for talents quality constantly.The last, In order to make the professional transformation of the preschool education in S university come true, we should combine with design-oriented vocational education thought,construct personnel training objectives,professional curriculum development in the field of study, capability-oriented practical teaching, which bases on comprehensive vocational ability, to realize the demand of matching between personnel training and market requirement.In a word, the professional transformation of the newly established local university is a new problem, Just only remould the major to meet the professional requirement of market and post, we can really realize the transformation about the connotation and type of the newly established local university. The research study the professional and major transformation of the newly established local university elementary in a totally new perspective.
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