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Quality Function Deployment And Its Theory In The Field Of Higher Education To Expand

Posted on:2006-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360152498715Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As one of the core techniques of quality engineering, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) occupies very important place in the quality management subject. In recent 30 years, QFD has been paid much attention in the academic circles of quality in the world, which is a hot question in research of quality management. Through many years of research, it has been widely spread and practiced in many countries of Japan, Europe and US, and so forth. And it has been applied in manufacturing, service, defense and software development, etc.At first, in the dissertation, the condition of research about the theory and application of QFD in the worldwide analyzed. Then in this paper, the author analyses the application of QFD in High Education, and points the basic model in High Education using QFD. Meanwhile, the theory of R- QFD is introduced, which is a good method in terms of finding a "win-win" way for universities and corporations. Next, some defects and shortcomings which exist in the theory of QFD, the core tool of QFD and in the process of application of QFD are pointed in this dissertation. According to these questions, the effective solving projects are offered correspondingly, and in High Education, the models and stimulation analysis are offered correspondingly too. Finally, the future directions of QFD research are pointed.The research achievements and innovations of the dissertation are mainly embodied in several perspectives as follows:Firstly, through analyzing the similarity between universities and corporations, there is a theory soil that suits for QFD applying in High Education. Then, the model of QFD using in High Education is pointed. Moreover, there is a "win-win" way uniting universities and corporations by using R- QFD.Secondly, according to the complication and importance of the resources of customers' demands, an effective solving project is offered. Meanwhile, the model of deciding the customers' demands of High Education is pointed.Thirdly, conventional QFD only applied in the process of designing, developing, and manufacturing, and an extend model of QFD is given. In this model, QFD is used in every department of corporation, which will make the advantage of systematic character of QFD embody the idea of customers are core truly. In addition, the paper offers an extend model of QFD which is used in High Education.Fourthly, according to a certain shortcoming of the core tool of QFD- HoQ, the idea of using Chief Component Analysis to rebuilt HoQ is given. In High Education, using Chief Component Analysis, the paper makes a stimulation analysis about setting up the elective courses.Fifthly, in the process of application of QFD, there are some questions such as the questions of organization and management. In this time, setting up Customer-driven Teams is a good method. In this dissertation, the structure, the members of teams and the places of development of Customer-driven Teams are introduced in detail. Moreover, the dissertation offers the model of Customer-driven Teams using in High Education.
Keywords/Search Tags:QFD (Quality Function Deployment), HoQ (House of Quality), Chief Component Analysis, Customer-driven Teams, R- QFD (Reversed Quality Function Deployment)
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