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Intuitive Thinking Ability Of Liberal Arts Students Focus On High School Mathematics Culture

Posted on:2009-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The problem of mathematical thinking pattern is the center of mathematical education.Mathematical creation is unable to leave intuitive thinking.In the mathematical teaching materials and mathematical teaching of our country, we put too much emphasis on logical thinking.The training of intuitive thinking hasn't been devoted much attention for a long time.Students don't enjoy the joy of thinking in the course of studying,so they have gradually lost the interest in studying mathematics which runs away from the direction of quality education.The thesis mainly researches the importance and necessity of intuitive thinking in mathematical education under the background of advocating quality education,especially advocating to train the talents of creative pattern.The contents of the thesis include:Chapter 1---Putting forward of the problem; Chapter 2--The theoretic overview of intuition thinking,Chapter 3---The thinking characteristics of students of art in key senior high schools;Chapter 4---The cultivation of intuition thinking in mathematics in the students of art in key senior high schools;Chapter 5---experimental research;Conclusion:-Quality-oriented education calls for intuition thinking.The thesis explains that intuitive thinking can't be ignored whether it is in mathematical teaching or in the solution of the problems through typical examples and the writer's own teaching practice.In the course of teaching,the attentive training of intuitive thinking can arouse not only students' potential creation but also students' interest in mathematics and is of advantage to promote the implementation of quality education.The mathematical teaching materials must embody the equal position between intuitive thinking and logical thinking and regard the forms of degeneration and essence of stress as guiding ideology of the reform of teaching materials.The writer also talks about how to train students' abilities of intuitive thinking.Finally the thesis offers that to understand knowledge is to hold intuition in essence and the task of schools is to guide the students to master it.
Keywords/Search Tags:quality education, intuitive thinking, creative activities, art
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