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Ulrich Beck, Risk Society Theory

Posted on:2009-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360245972199Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Ulrich Beck, a well-known contemporary sociologist in German, has been engaged in the research of social development and globalization for long and raised the theory of risk society which is unique. In recent decades, due to various social issues and the increasingly serious crisis, the existence and development of human society is facing the increasing threat, and "risk"has gradually become a hot topic in the community. So Beck's theory of risk society becomes "popular" and is commended by scholars around the world, almost becoming a "significant theory." Given the theory of risk society associates with contemporary social problems and has become a thought of social theory with global influence, in this current circumstances, it is undoubtedly necessary and urgent to study, to grasp its narrative methods and content Comprehensively , to dig its theoretical value and practical significance in-depth, and to expose the flaws objectively.Beck believes that the current risks faced by people are a "modern risk" with the unique connotation, which is the basic characteristic of contemporary society, and it means that the modern society has entered a "risk society." The previous social theory, concepts and areas could not explain the reality of current society, so they must give way to a more effective new sociological theory - the theory of risk society, with which many scholars agree. What is the idea of Beck's theory? What is the significance of it? This is the basic question to resolve in this paper. This paper seeks to explain the basic content of Beck's theory in the whole .On the one hand, the theory of risk society is elaborated associating with its social background and related theories, on the one hand, the description and interpretation Focus on the core concepts and the main parts of the theory of risk society, and finally the theory of risk society is appraised on the basis of analysis in contemporary society. The structure of this paper is decided by the writing goal, so this paper is divided into four chapters: Chapter1: The background and formation of Beck's theory of risk society, Chapter2: Modern risk and risk society, Chapter3: The form, consequences and resolving of modern risk and Chapter4: The evaluation of Beck's theory of risk society. This is the framework of the article. In the process of writing, the distribution and adjustment of the content would be made according to this structure, in order to achieve consistency in terms of logic and to reveal the idea and Significance of Beck's theory of risk society.
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