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Giddens Risk Society Theoretical Studies Philosophy

Posted on:2009-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360245972205Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The world today is the era of globalization, and it is the times that full of a crisis of uncertainty and risk factors, the risk have infiltrated the society every aspect. Along with the risk highlighted, it is particularly important that how can we correct understanding the risk and reasonable avoid the risk. Among many researchers who study the theory of risk society, the British famous theorist Anthony Giddens is an active advocate of the theory of risk society. On Giddens'opinion that the so-called risk society refers to the social characteristics that have new technology and the globalization different early industrial society, it is a consequence of modernity. Giddens'research enrich the connotation of the theory of risk society, his theory of risk society have been attention and recognition extensively in theoretical circles, and his theory also has an important impact in theoretical circles. The author also has a strong interesting in Giddens'theory of risk society. Therefore the author wants to study the theory of risk society by Giddens'theory of risk society, and attempts to from a philosophical point of view, especially from the perspective of Marxist philosophy on the risk analysis study. At the same time, the author try to link Giddens'theory of risk society and a socialist harmonious society building that is the goal of development in China, and according to China development status, with Giddens'theory to analyze the risk society in China that have rapid economic development in now days, and strive to seek the solution for dealing with risks and building a harmonious society in China. It is significance lie that the author has been study and writing this paper.This paper bases on Giddens'theory of risk society, and writing is divided into four major parts. The first part focuses on Giddens'basic theory of risk society about the connotation,the social source,the causes,the characteristics, and so on; The second part, the author has analyzed the duality of Giddens'theory of risk society, and it is indicated that the current risk society not only have negative impact , but also have positive effect; The third part, it is the reflection of awareness on Giddens'theory of risk society through the perspective of Marxist; In the forth part, along Giddens'theoretical framework for analysis of Chinese reality performance of social risk in order to put forward solution for positive response to risks and build a harmonious society. Finally, in concluding remarks, the author briefly discusses that the main content of paper and significance of study the theory of risk society. In short, the author hopes that we can understand the risk society correctly by study Giddens'theory of risk society, and on the analysis of the Marxist theory, this paper could offer some meaningful advice for the theory of risk society philosophy research in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk society, manufactured risk, modernity, globalization
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