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The Phenomenon Of School Education A Waste Of Resources, The Reasons For And Response Strategy

Posted on:2010-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360275455272Subject:Principles of Education
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Educational process depends on the consumption of certain materialized labor and human labor,namely,certain material resource,the manpower,the financial resource,the time,the information and so on.Usually,we call these above resources educational resources.Our country is a developing country which has a large population,so the public educational resources are relatively insufficient.Under this circumstance,on one hand,it requires us to open up the source of investment in education and increase investment in education,on the other hand,it requires us to make rational use of educational resources,and improve the utilization of educational resources.However,the wasting phenomenon of educational resources in schools is very serious, which not only seriously affects the efficiency of the school work,and brings heavy burden to school,but also greatly restricts the sustainable development of the entire educational system.Therefore,how to rationally use and explore the limited school educational resources and minimize waste,improve the utilization of educational resources,is one of the current issues to be solved urgently.This is an important course topic for not only educational theory,but also for educates practices.Carrying out this research is of great significance to our country's further educational development.The paper first reveals the content of school resources,which is defined as three parts,that is,material resources(including funding for education),human resources(including teachers, students and teacher-student relationship),as well as education and teaching resources(including curriculum,teaching materials,education and teaching behavior etc.),and then describes the warty phenomenon of the three parts,and attempts to analyze the reasons from three angles,that is,historical development,the environment and society,and school management,finally,the author put forwardsome corresponding countermeasures in terms of school itself and the actual situation of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Educational waste in schools, Phenomenon, Reason, Strategy
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