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Intelligent Learning System For Web-based Election Process - Self-feedback Model Of The Modeling Study

Posted on:2003-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360065950888Subject:Computer application technology
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To teach students in accordance of their aptitude and to make individual education come true are a dream for teaching staff of every generation, also a dream for researchers on distance education. Nowadays, there are many multimedia distance instruction systems based on WEB in the world; however, as matter of fact, the instruction patterns carried out by these systems are far away from ideality, not to say realizing actually individual education. Most distance education WEB sites adopt a style of static page to realize their systems, that is to say, after visitor input the URL and commit it, the WEB servers of these sites begin searching suitable files and return content of these files to visitor if these files could be found luckily. Therefore, lacking of evaluating of learning information of students and with no feedback mechanism, these web sites could only supply simple interaction, and have no way to organize content to meet the demand of students dynamically. This is a style that many distance education sites including some excellent sites like TsingHua Network School adopt. On these sites all lecture contents are prepared carefully by experts beforehand, although embedding several new techniques like FLASH, these teaching course wares make learning nothing but a boring and tedious process. Though some sites offer individual function, apart from managing and maintaining of information of students, we can't find any other functions worthy mentioning.Aiming at overcoming such deficiency, this article gives pilot study and discussion on how to realize "distance intelligent instruction system based on WEB ".Through collecting the learning action learning fashion^ knowledge comprehension information, learning time, test result and many other factors dynamically and putting these factors analyzed by self feed back system ,then, after deducing, we can get learning ability, learning character, learning effect and some other results quickly, these results are sources to form learning content dynamically in order to meet the requirements of individual education.Self feed back model that adopt fuzzy deduce technology and fuzzy integrate judge mechanism is introduced in this article, it is the kernel function model of intelligent instruction system. The knowledge base of the model including fuzzy deduce parameters, the weigh parameters of judge factors which are setting by education experts andfuzzy deduce rules which come from experience of education experts is a form of information for the knowledge of experts and precondition to make self feed back system intelligent. Deducing and making judge according to fuzzy deducing knowledge base makes intelligence of such instruction system come true. On the other hand, the maintaining system of rule base guarantees the dynamic adaptation of self feed back model. Therefore, self feed back model is a key technique to meet the demand of individual intelligent instruction system, and will be a stubborn base to make individual distance education popularize ^ spread and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:self feed back, individuality, fuzzy deduction, adaptation, knowledge base
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