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Ethernet-based Industrial Network Control System

Posted on:2006-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Q CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360152991949Subject:Computer application technology
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The traditional control network of industry is based on fieldbus. But the communication criterion of fieldbus is not unified, there are various communication criterions of fieldbus, so the instruments of different manufacturer can not be compatible in different fieldbus control system(FCS). In addition, the fieldbus is in the stage of low speed, which can not satisfy the demand of high speed transmission. So the subject-research of industrial control system network based on Ethernet is advanced.Industrial control system network based on Ethernet has many advantages, so as high transmission rate, good reliability, easy maintain, remote transmission, mutual operation and so on. With the extension of Internet and the advancement of communication rate of Ethernet and the development of exchange technology, the industrial control system network based on Ethernet is supported in the world and developed promptly. So the industrial control system network based on Ethernet is development tendency of industrial control.This paper introduces the main development process of industrial network, and compares the industrial Ethernet with traditional industrial network, and from the key technology, this paper discusses the problem of remote transmission and the problem of how to advance the real-time and security and the reason of indeterminacy of industrial Ethernet, then advances an ideal solution of industrial Ethernet. According to the demanding of network support system in the domain of industrial control, and referring to the design principle of commercial Ethernet, this paper designs structure of industrial Ethernet which is based on delaminated structure and afford a communication platform which is secure and stabile and mutual operation for industrial control system, at the same time designs a remote monitor system of industrial Ethernet which is based on Internet. This remote monitor system has passed test and is running in our university.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus, Real-time, Industrial System, Remote Monitor
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