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Radar, Active Jamming Signal Automatic Identification Method

Posted on:2010-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360275983462Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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Radar is the most important and the widest used equipment in the modern war field, the control of electromagnetic spectrum decide the direction of the modern war, so radar active jamming plays a crucial role in modern electronic warfare. The classification of radar active jamming is achieved by the feature extraction and pattern recognition methods, which is the foundation of Electronic Counter Measures. The classification of active jamming is studied in this dissertation and the main work of it is summarized as follows:1. Study the principle of radar noise jamming and deception jamming and give simulation means of receiver noise. This work is very important because it is the foundation of feature extraction and classification.2. Three nonstationary signal analysis methods which can be used in analyzing the intrapulse minute feature of radar active jamming are discussed, concrete algorithm and the simulation results have been given, the merits and demerits are compared with.3. Extract the features of radar active jamming in different domains without the influence of the noise. At the same time, study the features quantificationally by modern signal processing when Jamming-to-Noise Rate varies in a certain range.4. After the features are selected, fuzzy pattern recognition method is used to recognize radar active jamming. In the light of the great difference between the noise jamming and deception jamming, a new method of radar jamming recognition based on decision tree and fuzzy pattern recognition is presented, and the simulation result shows that these methods are effective and valid.5. Analyze the features base on the experiment data and recognize the jamming, the conclusion shows that the fuzzy pattern recognition method is valid again.
Keywords/Search Tags:radar active jamming, time-frequency analysis, decision tree, fuzzy pattern recognition
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