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Seismic Comprehensive Prediction For The Oolitic Carbonate Reservoir

Posted on:2012-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G J ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2210330338468162Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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The oil and gas exploration practice shows that the Oolitic carbonate reservoir is very important oil and gas reservoir. In recent years, a series of large, huge Oolitic beach gas reservoirs have been found in Feixianguan Formation of Northeastern of Sichuan Basin, and all these demonstrate Fexianguan Oolitic reservoir has great exploration potential and good prospects for exploration. However, because the oolitic reservoir heterogeneity, reservoir development controlled by many factors, coupled with the depth of large, deep low-frequency seismic data, seismic resolution limit, the Oolitic reservoir forecasting and fluid identification are very difficult.In this thesis, taking Feixianguan Formation of Lower Triassic Series in Northeast area of Sichuan as object of study, based on the full study of area geology, drilling, logging, testing, and seismic data, by studying the geological sedimentary characteristics ,well logging and seismic response characteristics of Feixianguan Formation Oolitic reservoir, have formed the technology series for the Oolitic reservoir prediction and fluid identification, which collectively referred to as comprehensive prediction reservoir are Seismic Attribute Analysis, Wave Impedance Inversion, 3D Visualization, Ancient Landscape Recovery and Analysis, prestack inversion of Elastic Parameters, AVO Attribute Analysis, Construction of Fluid Identification Factors and Intersection of Two-Parameters. Finally, the Oolitic reservoir area distribution and favorable oil and gas area are predicted.The main research content and key results are as follows:①Sedimentary characteristics of the geological analysis shows, the Oolitic reservoir's main development area is the highland area of the platform margin uplift. Applies the ancient landscape restoration technology to carve the late Permian Changxing Formation at the bottom of Feixianguan Formation, and finds the high point of deposition, which may be the more development area for Oolitic reservoir.②Using Statistical analysis on the logging data, get the Logging response of Oolitic reservoir is low P wave velocity, low S wave velocity, low density, low natural gamma, low vertical and horizontal velocity ratio, low Poisson ratio.③By analyzing seismic reflection structure, the Oolitic reservoir's performance on the seismic performance is low-frequency, clutter and middle or weak continuity, "bright spot" reflection characteristics of middle or strong reflection amplitude.④According to the logging and seismic reflection characteristics of the Oolitic reservoir, propose forecasting process proposed for the Oolitic reservoir, by comprehensive prediction with seismic attribute analysis, post-stack wave impedance inversion and other methods, recognize Feixianguan Formation oolitic reservoir gradual change from a reservoir of the platform edge for the upper and lower reservoirs, and toward the platform with the amplitude weak trend (reservoir variation), and predicts the favorable development for Feixianguan Oolitic reservoir.⑤Through the logging intersection of two parameters of multi-parameters can significantly distinguish gas layer and dry layer, water layer and the dry layer, though the boundary of gas layer and water layer is not obvious and is some overlapping, the intersection distinction of P-wave and the high sensitivity fluid identification factor(HSFIF) is best.⑥applying Elastic Parameters Inversion of Prestack, AVO Attribute Analysis, Two Parameters Intersection Analysis and other methods, predict the range of the Oolitic beach gas reservoirs and its time thickness.In summary, applying the above methods can better predict the scope of the distribution of favorable Oolitic reservoir and Oolitic reservoir containing fluid situation. Accordingly, for the future drilling deployment provides a more reliable evidence in order to reduce drilling risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:Olitic Reservoir Seismic Attribute Analysis, Impedance Inversion, AVO attributes, Prestack inversion of elastic parameters, Fluid Identify
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