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Technics Study On The Synthesis Of Cyclohexene Oxide By Epoxidation Of Cyclohexene And Hydrogen Peroxide With Phase Transfer Catalyst

Posted on:2012-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2211330338957251Subject:Chemical processes
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This subject is one of a project subsidized by Outstanding Talent Innovation Fund of Henan province (its serial number is 0121001900).By choosing cyclohexene as raw material and oxydol (H2O2) as oxidant, using supported peroxide P-W heteropoly acid quaternary ammonium salt phase transfer catalyst, this subject researched the technological process of cyclohexene catalytic epoxidized synthesising epoxycyclohexane in absence of any solvent and at room pressure.In this work,this paper analysed thermodynamics property of this epoxidation catalytic system, and estimate its thermodynamic data such as heat capacity at constant pressure, heat of formation and gibbs free energy by Joback Genetic contribution method, and calculated equilibrium constants of correlated response. It provide main data for commercial process.Aiming at the problom of the preparation of the supported transfer catalyst, we improved existing preparation technology. During preparation technology of supported peroxide P-W heteropoly acid quaternary ammonium salt phase transfer catalyst(PSC), the leading of bronsted acid N, the adding means of phosphoric acid, and the ratio of is the raw material was redesigned and optimized. The prepared catalyst was verified and performance experiment was carried out. The results showed that the improved preparation technology not only improve of use ratio of wolframic acid, simplify the operation and decrease the cost, but also made the catalyst remain good chemical activity and stability after used repeatedly.On the basis of small-sized experiments, enlarge experiment of the prepara- tion of the catalyst and the synthetic technology of epoxy cyclohexane are both carried out, and we got better technological conditions. It provide some basis for industrial production of cyclohexene catalytic epoxidized by H2O2 synthesising epoxycyclohexane.
Keywords/Search Tags:thermodynamic data, cyclohexene, catalytic epoxidation, cyclohexene oxide, H2O2, phase transfer catalyst, synthetic technology
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