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Research On The Loss Of Soft-Switching

Posted on:2013-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2212330362961664Subject:Electrical engineering
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The technology of soft switching inverter which is based on power electronic is currently one of the most active research direction. Compared with conventional hard switching inverter,resonant soft switching inverter has many obvious advantages. The efficiency of small power soft switching source can be improved by the development of high frequency inverter. In order to enhance the efficiency and power density, choosing the proper devices and designing the heat dissipation,it is necessary to study the loss of the system.Focus on the analysis of zero voltage switching inverter, carries on the analysis of the principles, and use PSPICE software to ZVS circuit simulation, the simulation waveforms, build the hardware circuit, the experimental waveforms and simulation waveform match. In the part of power devices with IGBT,the loss can be divided into four parts:conduction loss,off-state loss,turn-on loss and turn-off loss. Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) inverter is a typical kind of soft switches. In this paper the development history and classification of soft switch is premise,making the focus on the analysis of zero voltage switching inverter. The simulation waveforms can be get by the software of PSPICE, carrying on the analysis of the principles. It can be compared with the experimental waveforms, which is get by the hardware circuit.This paper centers on the inverter loss, and make analyze on the loss principle, also summary research methods. The mathematical model can be get by the software of Mathcad to research more accurate device loss, as well as to the loss law of transformation and changing mechanism of related research. Making simulation and analysis of IGBT, diode characteristics with Matlab, we can get associated array by the forward curve diagram. On the basis of IGBT loss and inverter magnetization curve analysis, the formula of inverter hysteresis loss and copper loss formula can be deduced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soft switching, IGBT, ZVS, Switching loss, Characteristic curve
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