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Implementation And Design Of Improved Algorithm For Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Controller

Posted on:2012-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330368479469Subject:Computer software and theory
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As the people's awareness of environmental awareness is growing, the people make much accout of the development of new energy technologies more and more.In this context, the development of electric vehicles appears promising prospects.This paper is about exploring the development of electric vehicles,maybe it will be a little useful for you.The structure of this paper is divided into seven chapters, the first chapter introduces the significance and the trend of motor control technologies.The second chapter describes the principle and the equivalent mathematical model of the motor.The third chapter introduces the principles of motor control algorithms and simulink simulation model.The fourth and fifth chapter respectively describes how the software and hardware implementation of the whole system are to implement. Chapterâ…¥describes the debugging process in practice and experimental results.Chapterâ…¦summarizes the control results of the system and the existing shortcomings.This paper introduced a kind of position sensorless electric car controller design scheme based on PMSM.On the control algorithm, using flux estimation algorithm for motor position sensorless control, space vector pulse width modulator algorithm,low speed startup strategy of three stage for motor start. Because this paper used a single resistor sampling methods on the current feedback signal, there is a DC offset when the current signal is in integral operation, which will cause large signal error. For this reason, this paper made some improvements on the position sensorless control algorithm.On the hardware, this scheme used the special motor control chip IRMCF341 which belongs to the company of international rectifier as a basic, adopted the drive chip IR21864 to drive the motor's three-phase output by the drive method of three half bridge. In addition, because the output power of this system is high, which reached 2-3KW, it is difficult to find a power module that can meet the requirement, for this reason, the system adopted separation component which composed the inverter to achieve the requirement of output power. Experimental results show that this system can control the speed and torque for high precision in the range of motor speed., and has good dynamic and static performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:IRMCF341, flux estimation algorithm, low speed startup strategy, svpwm
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