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Numerical Simulation And Optimization On The Hull Profile Butt Welding

Posted on:2012-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C C XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330368488061Subject:Ships and marine structures, design of manufacturing
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Welding is a complex process which involves various physical fields. Welding is a necessary technology, particularly in the ship, automobile and aviation. For example, it is the complexity that leads to welding residual stress and deformation in the hull, which may reduce strength, toughness and accuracy of the hull local structure and even the entire hull structure and bring the influence of the quality for the structure. Based on this, the paper selects typical welding joint in the shipbuilding process, mainly including the butt welding of web plate, the butt welding of panel, the butt welding of plate, the angle joint of plate and web plate. Analyzing the whole welding process, optimization of welding joint and influential factors, with the finite element simulation, get a reasonable welding process program.Firstly, the paper uses the finite element method and realizes the welding process of the typical welding joint with ANSYS to calculate, as the auxiliary tool. The comparison and Analysis of the temperature field and stress field get the distribution of the temperature field and stress field in several mutual coupling welding and know the entire process in several welding.Secondly, on the premise of the interaction in the several seams, this paper studies the process of the profile. Several seams of the profile combine different welding sequences, firstly to obtain maximum welding residual stress and then get more reasonable optimization scheme through comparison and analysis of welding results. The result shows that reasonable process program is firstly the web and the plate, then panel, the fillet weld lastly.Finally, after discussing the factors which may influence on optimization results of the welding joint, the paper selects the main welding parameters——welding speed and board width ratio between plate and wed panel which reacts profiles size to study. Through the research, the change of the welding speed eventually influences the value of welding residual stress, but the welding speed has little influence in the residual stress distribution and welding optimization scheme; the maximum welding residual stress approximates linear relationship with the change of the welding speed; with the change of the wide plate ratio, the impact on maximum residual stress is not big and the change have little influence in the optimization scheme on the same kind of welding sequence.
Keywords/Search Tags:Profile Butt-Welding, Finite Element, Temperature Field, Residual Stress, Optimization
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