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The Comparison Study On Korean And Chinese Modern Wood Engraving

Posted on:2012-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2215330338972506Subject:Fine Arts
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Global engraving market became obviously active recent years. Chinese print is also moving towards international market and its creation attracts more and more attention from foreigners. It is growing and expanding continuously. Many young print engravers who have studies overseas and the well-known famous ones, they all started print creation with a lot of energy based on the experience they've learned from abroad. The trend of the Chinese print is diversity. Conspicuous improvement can be noticed both in the quality of the work and the idea of the creation. Print exchange activities are going on at home and abroad. Especially in China and South Korea, under the mutual promotion of development in economy, culture, etc. print exchange exhibition is also going on actively. Historical background for China and South Korea are quite different. For instance:Cultural geography, educational thought, culture, economy and so on. Wood engraving is originated in China and has great influence on Korean art. Under such background, the text is going to research and analyze by comparing the discrepancy of engraving in China and in South Korea and find out the convincingness.To begin with, in the first chapter we will mainly discuss on purpose and significance of this paper. Purpose includes research scope and method. In the scope part, the historical development situation between 50's and 80's of both countries lies in high priority. Then we will analyze the work from myself.Secondly, development process of engraving in both countries will be stated in the second chapter. History of the engraving development from 50's to the end of 80's will be carefully elaborated. At the end of this chapter is comparative analysis, illustrating Chinese and Korean representative printers and works, comparing the background of the work, educational thought, the form of the creation and so on. Chapter 3 is mainly about what I've learned about the Chinese and Korean engraving through my own work. Combining with the understanding from chapter 2, here I want to find out the material evidence and then make connections to my own work in order to understand wood engraving deeply.Last but not least, the result of the research will come out. By comparison, we will find out the similarities and the differences. The opinion to engraving in person will also be added to the conclusion of the work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese wood engraving, Korean wood engraving, work comparison
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