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Coursebook Evaluation On Getting Ahead: A Communication Skill Course For Business English

Posted on:2012-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2215330341951341Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Economic globalization requires more on interdisciplinary talent. As an important branch of English teaching, business English teaching plays a vital role in the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents. Compared with regular higher education, vocational education is closer to the demand of development of economy and technology. It aims to cultivate the talents who have firm specialized skills and abilities. Teaching materials are important in business English teaching. To great extent, the design of teaching materials influences the style of teaching, which then affects learning behaviors and effects. (Mao, 2006). This research is to evaluate the in-use business English coursebook based on the needs analysis of vocational college students, teachers and some international business companies. Finally, it proposes some suggestions on business English coursebook and teaching.The research, using the questionnaire and interview, intends to find out: (1) What are the needs of students for the business English coursebook? (2) What are the needs of teachers for the business English coursebook? (3) What are the needs of companies for the business English talents? (4) Can the coursebook Getting Ahead: a communicative skills course for Business English meet the needs of the students, teachers and companies?The research has surveys on 110 students majoring in business English in vocational colleges, 12 business English teachers in vocational colleges and 12 representatives from international business companies. The survey contains the questionnaires and interviews on needs analysis and coursebook evaluation. At last, such data and records are collected and analyzed.The results show that there are similarities and differences among three needs analysis. Students'learning business English is mainly for jobs. They expect to deal with the business affairs in English successfully. This is exactly what the business companies need. For the business English coursebook, students and teachers of vocational colleges and the representatives from international business companies agree to put the basic skills in English and comprehensive application abilities in the preliminary places. Students and teachers value the strengthening of the listening and speaking skills. Meanwhile, students prefer to learn in group-discussion and simulation and consolidate what they learn in such forms of exercises, such as simulation, multiple-choice test, translation and so on. Teachers have the similar opinions. In business English teaching, students expect that more background knowledge on language and business are added into coursebooks to further their learning. Moreover, both students and teachers believe that business English should be taught by multi-media and the assistant means of coursebooks should be various. It is found that the participants think it necessary to update the content of coursebooks to reflect changes in international business and emphasize its profession, relevance and practice.The in-use business English coursebook can well reflect the needs of participants except for some aspects to be improved. The coursebook GA is designed appropriately in structure and difficulty. It is closely related to daily business activities and provides a good start for students to learn business English. However, some aspects still need improving, for example, the update of the content, the specification of the cultivation of language skills and business abilities for practical needs, the diversity and informatization of assistant means and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational college students, business English, needs analysis, coursebook evaluation
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