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Meaning Construction Of News Discourse: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Approach

Posted on:2012-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2215330368979542Subject:English Language and Literature
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News is a report of freshly important events or previously unknown information and is a crucial access to what has happened or is happening in the world. News discourse. as a non-literary mass discourse, has attracted great attention from linguists, especially those in discourse analysis. After entering the era of reading image. news is reported with an unprecedented number of diverse pictures in order to be more eye-catching and transmit information more effectively. Many other genres of news reporting. such as photo news, feature pages of photography, picture stories, are created and popularized. In other words, news discourse begins to include both language and other semiotic modes, such as sounds, gestures, images and videos. These enrich the forms of meaning expression and manifest the multimodal nature of communication. Consequently, the previous studies on news discourse, which are largely restricted to language itself, are not comprehensive. In light of this condition, some foreign scholars have attempted to expand the social semiotic characteristics in language to other modes of communication and conducted a great number of related research in 1990s and propose the theory of multimodal discourse analysis. Among them. Kress and Van Leeuwen's modal is very typical. They create "visual grammar" for multimodal discourse analysis and provide guidance for visual analysis. To a great extent, multimodal discourse analysis overcomes the limitation of the previous studies on discourse analysis.Under the model of the three metafunctions of systemic functional grammar (SFG) by Halliday and visual grammar by Kress and Van Leeuwen, the present research attempts to explore how the meanings of news discourse are constructed from the multimodal perspective, and make a clarification on how the visual and verbal semiotic modes as two different meaning resources work together to generate synergy to represent social reality and co-construct news meaning. The analysis demonstrates that the visual, as well as the language. can reflect social reality, communicate with viewers, and their difference is that the visual encodes its meaning mainly by means of semiotic devices and photographic techniques; the elements in the image can be organized into a complete discourse in terms of proper layout: the visual and verbal modes are interdependent on rather than separated from each other, to construct meaning.The main significance of this study lies in two aspects. Theoretically. it has been proved that visual grammar can be used to analyze multimodal news discourse effectively through conducting a comprehensive analysis of news photos; it is meant to expand the range of the application of visual grammar; additionally, it is a constructive contribution to discourse analysis. especially news discourse analysis. Practically, this present research can offer readers some implications on reading news and help them gain a deeper understanding of the meanings of multimodal news discourse, and also it is beneficial to improve the readers visual literacy and multiliteracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:news discourse, meaning construction, multimodal discourse analysis, visual grammar, metafunctions
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