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Qijia Culture Jade Study

Posted on:2013-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2215330374462332Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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The jade ware of QiJia culture have an important position in prehistoric jade with its unique characteristics. Because the materials unearthed of QiJia culture are relatively less, it is difficult to discern the jade ware of QiJia culture's truth and fakes and pay few attention to it. With the development of the archaeological technology and a large number of excavation site was found, the data of unearthed jade ware of QiJia culture increased, which laid a foundation for the further study of the jade ware of QiJia culture.The paper mainly makes a systematic research of the jade ware of QiJia culture with the method of typology, such as its stages,characteristic and important functions in early civilization and national origin. The paper mainly include the following aspects:The introduction gives a general review on the academic researches of the jade ware of QiJia culture, and presents the research purpose, the significance,analyzing methods and the research limitations.The second part mainly focuses on the typology analysis of jade ware of QiJia culture. According to the shape of unearthed jade stone of QiJia culture and their different function, the jade ware of QiJia culture are divided into ritual tools, tools and decorations. The ritual mainly contained Bi, Cong, Huang, Huan, Dao and so on, the tools mainly contained axe, Ben, Zao and shovel, while the decorations contained Jade hoopd and tube ornament. On the basis of their characteristic, the jade ware of QiJia culture experience three stages.The third part is the combination research of the jade stone of QiJia culture. The paper selects the jade ware of QiJia culture of the sites of huangniangniangtai, zongri and lajia as the research object which have rich unearthed materials, and introduces the burial value and type value concept of new archaeology research method.Through a combination of analytical studies of the jade ware of qijia culture, the role of jade and the status at that time had been reflected.The fourth part is the jade ware's production process of QiJia culture. Through analysis and research its production process contained selecting material, cutting, drilling and polishing, which showed its general characteristic.The fifth part discusses the cultural exchange and its reason between Qijia culture and the other cultures.
Keywords/Search Tags:QiJia culture, the jade ware, typology, combination, cultural exchange
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