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The Argentine Diplomatic Decision-making Mechanism For Research

Posted on:2012-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The foreign policy-making mechanism, which is always considered as one of the most important decision-making mechanisms with one certain political system, can be very useful to improve one country's international position and surroundings so as to benefit its internal development. Effected by many a factor, the foreign policy decision-making mechanism is utilized as a transferring station from national interest, decision-makers'interest and interest of other roles in the political system to a final nation policy through decision-making process.Since its independence from Spain, Argentina has developed an authoritarianist regime in which the President has top authority and grasps the core right for policy-making with little power checking. In the 20th century, military coup arose in Argentina and aroused great turbulence to Argentine political and social systems.The political democratic progress and the failure of Malvinas War in the 1980s saw the downfall of military government. Ever since then, Argentine government has made many efforts to renovate and improve its political system and policy-making mechanisms, especially in policy-making procedures, employment of policy-making powers. In this essay, after analysis of the structure and functioning of Argentine policy-making mechanism is two case studies of Argentine policy-making on the base of current policy-making models. The end of the essay lies a prediction for the future development of Argentine policy-making.
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