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The Theory Of Procedural Law Culture

Posted on:2012-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Procedure culture, as social rules and a part of law culture, is indispensable to maintain social harmony. The rule of law for a country's security and harmony play an important role. The article mainly analyzes the concept of law culture, its characteristics and history differences in procedural law. Gradually in order to raise public attention to procedures, establish procedures for the procedure concept, and eventually realize the modernization of Chinese culture, the development of procedural law.The first chapter talks about the concept of procedural law, its culture and characteristics. The author defined procedure law concept himself. The main points are behavioral rhythms, steps, and processes should be pre-designed, specified and adjusted. All steps to regulate people's behavior are the processes of the procedure law cultureThe second chapter is the procedural law of the history of investigation. Recalling the history to the past successes and failures of people find useful nutrients for us today is what I use, so we can not forget history. This chapter traced the history of Chinese law and the western culture method to examine the cultural and historical perspective of legal culture both in the cultural phenomenon of the procedural law for a fuller understanding of the Procedure Act in Western cultural history. The third chapter is going to mention the procedural law in the Western tradition and the roots of cultural differences. The procedural law of Western procedure culture, which has to be developed, is what we are looking for answers. I believe that the procedural law in the Western cultural differences mainly reflected in the administration of justice, unity and the separation of judicial administration, powers and Party, ethical and religious, non-procedural and procedural aspects. The performance differences basis on the economic prerequisites of different countries in different forms.Chapter IV tries to make a research on Procedure Law of China's culture and practical reason for its disadvantages. The ultimate goal of the author is to hope that more experts pay more attention on the research of procedure culture.Based on the above analysis, the author says clearly that we should understand procedure law culture and make good use of law procedure. I hope all the people try our best to complete the procedure law and strictly obey it.
Keywords/Search Tags:law cultures, procedural law cultures, difference reason, the model of the procedural law culture
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