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The Administration Accountability System Research Of Zhengzhou

Posted on:2012-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338456305Subject:Administrative Management
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With deep development of the administrative system reform, democracy and legality of administrative has been well understood, strengthen the responsibility consciousness, accelerate build responsible government has become the important content of Chinese political system reform. Since the 2003 "SARS" provoked massive accountability, how to standardize the government official administrative behavior, establish and improve the administration accountability system, improve our government execution, credibility has become a focus of common concern all parties in society. The local government administration accountability is to regulate the establishment and perfection of local government power, ensure local government performance of duties and obligations correctly. Zhengzhou, as the capital of Henan, in the social economy development, local legal system construction in the country are in aspects of middle level, so a case study on Zhengzhou could represent the development of the local governments administration accountability system in China. This paper's contents based on the theory of related. It analysed the Zhengzhou government administration accountability system implementation process, so as to explore the countermeasures of how to perfect local government administration accountability system.The first part of this paper expounds the background and significance, summarizes the domestic and overseas scholars to the administration accountability system of research results, sure the research ideas, adopt case analysis and combining literature analysis of research methods. The second part sketches out the administration accountability system of the basic concepts, lists the elements of the administration accountability system, analyzes the administration accountability system theoretical basis. The third part combs the Zhengzhou administration accountability system on the current situation, summarizes the system construction and practice of the positive results comprehensively. The fourth part combined with Zhengzhou administration accountability system present situation, thorough analysis the existing administration accountability laws loss, accountability culture environmental loss, allograft accountability loss, accountability and optional the gender is big, supporting measures are imperfect, ect. The fifth part combined with the revelations of western developed countries mature mode, put forward some construction countermeasures, such as strengthening the related laws and regulations system construction, strengthening the administration accountability culture construction, emphasizing the administration accountability supporting system.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative accountability system, Zhengzhou, research
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