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Research On Construction Of Service-oriented Government In Our Country

Posted on:2012-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338459244Subject:Administrative Management
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As the present Chinese administrative reform goal, the practice of building a service-oriented government isourgovernment functional departments in many of the raging. From the practice process and effect perspective, related functional departments in building a service-oriented government made some achievements, such as government service consciousness enhancement and transform the functions of government and administrative efficiency, minsheng construction, the rapid progress, administration according to law the implementation and public affairs, citizens' and participate effective safeguard etc. Also must realize soberly, the reform of the government and service-oriented government in government, many departments of construction schedule and quality is uneven, and many of the government reform and service-oriented government building only stay on the JianBiaoCeng behavior and specific operational level. For example, public informed contents and procedure and simplified burocratic procedures, reduce the administrative examination and approval, clear work responsibility aspects made the corresponding adjustment. The essential connotation of service-oriented government, the contents and requirements can't grasp comprehensively, which causes the failed to conscientiously according to the essential requirements of service-type government from inside to outside carry on the omni-directional, the system of deep reform.Service-oriented government existing in the construction of the lack of clear theoretical knowledge, heavy specific operation, light mechanism of system reform and innovation, the lack of effective participation citizens essence etc. This paper is to pass on a service-oriented government construction achievements and existing problems in time combing summary, in order to better guide later "people's satisfaction of the service-type government" construction practice.In this paper, the research content of the three aspects: (1) trying to completely and accurately grasp the service-type government concept and connotation and characteristics. Based on the basic theory of service-oriented government, to grasp and comb of service-type government's rational understanding the essence of. At the same time for accurate analysis ofChina's service-oriented government building the problems in the process of providing theory basis. (2) our service-oriented government building through years of construction practice, has made some achievements, and gained invaluable experience, this for the future construction practice has important guiding significance. (3) in pointed out the relevant government functional departments in the process of building a service-oriented government, there are many problems on the basis of analyzing the reason, and, and then put forward further path choice of building a service-oriented government. These ideas is the rational knowledge service-oriented government essence and requirements, and in the process of practice experiences is proposed on the basis of the, withstrong practical significance. Contentinvolvesgovernment service concept of remodeling, system mechanism innovation, cultivating of civil society and the government's behavior revolutionize etc. Will a service-oriented government construction and the current our country government is focus on the people's livelihood construction to combine together, is one of the paper's innovative points. Judging from the essence of service-type government, strengthen relates to the citizen survival and development required public product and the public service, the supply of the second in the national income distribution, public finance more education, medical treatment, to endowment, housing and employment and people's livelihood tilt field, focusing on creating the government, it is to reflect the social fairness and justice, promote social harmony and grants. After all is the inevitable requirement of building a service-oriented government performance and nature.
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