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Reengineering Of Approval Process Of HZ Administrative Approval Centre

Posted on:2012-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q D LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338463863Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Since the establishment of administrative examination and approval center in HZ city, reformation of administrative approval system and improvement of administrative approval's efficiency in HZ city have played a positive role in promoting. However, HZ city administrative examination and approval center was still in the primary stage, only achieved a "physical" type of a room-service. Cumbersome and complex approval process, weak e-government applications, set of resources to administrative examination and approval center, the role of the full use of resources are far from being played. The above problems are many reasons, but unreasonable workflow of the administrative examination and approval center in HZ city is an important factor. Organizations can be achieved significant, fundamental, radical changes through process reengineering in process reengineering theory. Therefore, the status of administrative examination and approval center in HZ city has been reformed by utilizing process reengineering theory.Firstly, the theory of process reengineering and government process reengineering was comprehensive and systematic overview, including the definition of process reengineering, the framework of the working methods and techniques, government's definition of process reengineering and improvement methods, clarifying the theoretical basis for this article. Then the working mechanism of approval center and the business conditions of administrative services examination and approval center were introduced. The problems of administrative services examination and approval center in HZ city were pointed, including window uneven distribution business, application matters classification schedules, the "one-stop" function is not sound, lack of monitoring mechanisms and so on. In this paper, the general idea to solve these problems was proposed; approval of business process issues caused by the irrational was pointed. In the collection of data, following by the principle of data integrity, authenticity and timeliness, using a field survey, interviews and other methods. Then the author analyzes the work of each work area in the administrative examination and approval center in HZ city, analyzes detailed the business process of parts and pieces of non-real-time instant. The link in the business processes that need to be adjusted, consolidated and reduced was in the diagnosis. On this basis, approval of the business process has been redesigned, the advices of applying matters be taken as the object to install workspace window have been proposed. On the basis of keep the original general work area and green channel work, re-submit documents area, district returned pieces, area real parts, district commitment to pieces, district approval documents and joint approval areas have been added. Then the measures that make process reengineering success have been proposed, including the strengthening of organizational culture, establishing efficient work system and improving the supervision mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Process Reengineering, Administrative Approval Service Center, E-Government, Administrative Examination and Approval
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