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Study On The Independent Directors' Independence Of China Listed Companies

Posted on:2012-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Independence is the most important character of independent directors; it is the heart and soul of independent directors. This paper study the legislative status of independent director based on the independence of independent director's definition, define standards, factors. Through the empirical analysis of the independent directors, we make some sound recommendations on the legal system of the independent directors.Paper is divided into five parts. The introduction describes the independent director system's development in the recent years. The first part of the body discusses the defined value and standards of independent directors'independence. The definition standard of independent directors should base on the independence value, and we also should taking into account the legal fairness and economic efficiency. The second part analyzes the impact factors of the independence independent directors. The third part Statistic and empirical analysis the independent directors'the remuneration, address, background, employment, etc. Propose the current problems of the independence of independent directors. The fourth part makes some improvement suggestions on the legal protection of the independence of independent directors. Conclusion of the article summarize the main point of the article propose that we should consider efficiency and fair in the construction of Independent directors'legal system. It is necessary to protect the interests of minority shareholders and the whole company; it also can not deny the basic interests of the company managers and its directors. Improve the qualification system, appointment system, responsibility security system based on limiting but does not infringe the internal rights, so as to effectively safeguard the independence character of independent directors and improve the corporate governance structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Independent directors, Independence value, Factors, Legal protection
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