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The Research Of Returning And Investing Problem About Migrant Workers Under Industry Relocation

Posted on:2012-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338471062Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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Transfer of migrant workers in China is the subject of many studies recently, migrant workers is a product of reform and opening up, he has made an indelible contribution to the development of urbanization, industrialization and modernization. With the economic crisis, China's coastal export-oriented enterprises have been seriously impact, have cut production or closed down, resulting in a large number of unemployed migrant workers, they are to remain or return home in the city to become an unavoidable problem faced. For Wanjiang region of Anhui, the situation is different from other places, in January 2010 the nationnal government formally approved the application of industries to relocate to Little City with a demonstration area, which is Wanjiang Region of Anhui golden opportunity for economic development. In order to further discuss this issue. Taihu County of Anhui Province is selected as an example in this paper. Lake County was chosen because of Lake County just in the Little City with the transfer of industries within the demonstration area, a typical and representative. Lake County is a typical agricultural county, has a wealth of surplus labor force to study the factors that affect their business in their hometowns.This studies have important practical significance. The article first introduces the background of migrant workers return home business, then the text will give the concept that will be used, the classic theory of population transfer is the basis of analysis in the model, then introduces several important migration theories. Research and data collected in the investigation on the basis of the Lake County Farmers know the status of migrant entrepreneurs in their hometowns, the use of data analysis software of Eviews and Logistic model analyzes the factors that impact the migrant workers to return home in Lake County, And finally this text gives some policy recommendations on how to do a better job of migrant workers Back to Business issues.The specific content of this article includes the following aspects:the definition of migrant workers return home and the basic theories of population transfer (human capital theory, dual economy theory, population migration theory, the new migration economic theory); Lake County situation and introduction of economic development, Lake County Farmers migrant status and characteristics of entrepreneurship in their hometowns, the problems and causes of their back to hometowns; migrant workers return home business on the county economic development; on the basis of population migration theory, choose major factors about migrant workers back to create Rural entrepreneurship, the use of Logistic model analyzes the direction and intensity of these factors which affect in the analysis; Finally, how has targeted recommendations.The results of this study is that migrant workers return home business is subject to the result of both internal and external environment, not only the push of outside reasoning, but also the pull of home. Specifically, marital status, level of knowledge, management skills, family, financial loans, home good policies and age structure, resources and environment all have important correlation. marital status, level of knowledge, management skills, family, financial loans, home good policies and the migrant workers return home business have a significant positive correlation, age structure, resources and environment of migrant workers also have impact on the Back to home Business. Based on the above results of this paper, give recommendations such as increasing financial supports, the creation of good policies, providing quality of policy services, improving the training system and so on.
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