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Construction Of Democratic Parties And Grassroots Organizations

Posted on:2012-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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To make further strengthen Multi-Party cooperation and Political consulation system was lead by the Communtist Party then promotes Socialist political civilazation in terms of adapt to the needs of Multi-Party cooperation. Democratic parties as participating parties have to strengthen capacity-building of participation in political as well as improve overall level of Parties. Which of the local organizaions maintain with massive members of parties where is the important fundation for the responsbility of whole Demoratic Parties, Meanwhile, the ability and level of participting Parties usually decided by potential of overall function to the participting parties of Democratic Parties. In September 2004, the fourth Plenum of the 16th Chinese Communist Party Central Committee has passed the decision for building up the Party's governing capacity, and subsequently, building up the democratic parties'capacity for participating in and discussing the state affairs has been put on the agenda. In February, 2005, with the introduction of "On the opinions of how to strengthen the multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of Communist Party of China", Chinese Communist Party has set forth a new and higher requirement on the democratic parties'capacity for participating in and discussing the state affairs, which is the important form for democratic parties to take an active part in nation's political activities and develop the socialist democracy.In this paper, we research the base organizations of China's democratic parties, include the developing situation and capacity-building performance of their duties. The status of research is on how to improve the performance of the base way of parties. Some recommendations have be made. As China's political party system development and improvement of the performance in politics, democratic supervision, and social service functions, the increasingly demand requests base organizations as the basis of the main information source and capacity-building increasing importance. This article, example with the practice of Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang in YangPu District, introduces the base organizations and their capacity-building measures and means. By analysis of the status in the current political parties and think about how to breakthrough capacity-building organizations, we think some ways and specific skills to carry out an effective system design.The article is divided into four main Chapters. Chapter 1 discribes some nouns explain and theoretical analysis. Chapter 2 gives the origin and significance of the existing inter-party relations in our country. Chapter 3 introduces the analysis and presentation of the democratic capacity-building in base organizations. Chapter 4 describes the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang in YangPu District by building base organizations with less than the status quo, and analysis the cause of the problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:local democratic party organizations, Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, self-building, participating politics
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