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The Discussion On Su Yu's Strategic And Tactical Thougt Of Guerrilla Warfare

Posted on:2012-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Su-Yu is the first general of the People's Republic of China,who is a time-tested proletarian revolutionary, an outstanding strategist, strategist. There are many papers on Su-yu's military thought. This article attempts to discuss Su-Yu's military thought of strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare.Su Yu had been engaged in guerrilla warfare for 18 years, carried on the mountainous region guerrilla warfare, the plain network of rivers and lakes guerrilla warfare, the marine guerrilla warfare and so on, his experience was very rich and his guerrilla warfare strategy tactic thought was comprehensive, systematic, profound. Firstly,the author tries to analyze the formation and development of Su-Yu's military thought of strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare,and devides it into the stages of the origination, development, deepening,gives the reason and standard of the devision, recites the main contents of each stages,the famous battle and Su Yu's contributions. Secondly,the author gives the definition of Su-Yu's Military Thought of Strategy and Tactics of Guerrilla Warfare;the author affirmes that Su's the first general who understood the significance of strategy in the Anti-Japanese Guerrilla War, and discuss the main contents about Su's military thought of strategy of guerrilla warfare: The Laws Governing the Establishment of Base Areas,Structure and Organization of the Armed Forces of Guerrilla. the Development of Guerrilla Warfare into Mobile Warfare.Thirdly,the author dicusses the main contents of Su's military thought of tactics of guerrilla,as belows: Six chief principles of guerrilla warfare, a whole set of policies of fighting,marching, camping, and the tactics of"Enemy Advace,We advace";and the tactics of the plain network of rivers and lakes guerrilla warfare; and the tactics of struggle the main zone of Guerrilla Base Areas.Lastly, this article discuss the bright characteristic and the more important contribution of Su Yu's millitary thought of strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare.
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