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From Chinese Perspective: The Problems And Reformation Of International Monetary Fund

Posted on:2012-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338964895Subject:International Law
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After the collapse of Bretton Woods system, the international monetary fund has still been the core of the international finance system, but the role of maintaining international finance has been impaired, because of unreasonable internal mechanism and laggard business activities. Since the recovery of lawful seat in 1980,China actively cooperate with IMF in order to assume the responsibility of maintaining the international finance order. Under the background of economic globalization, which relationship with IMF China should maintain and how to promote the reformation of IMF will be the subject of international law and the main contents of this thesis.In the first chapter, the thesis mainly states the basic situation of IMF. First, the thesis analyses the important role of the International Monetary Fund and <Agreement of International Monetary Fund> in international finance law from legal relationship, legal sources and the rule of law. Second, the thesis discusses the relationship of the International Monetary Fund and < Agreement of International Monetary Fund >. At last, the thesis analyses the problems of IMF in the activities of dealing with the global economic crisis.In the second chapter, the thesis mainly states the necessity and target of reformation of IMF. First, the thesis discusses the reason of reformation of IMF is that the legal system is not perfect. The significance is that IMF can maintain the international monetary order and complete the international economic law systems. Second, the thesis states different doctrines and views.In the third chapter, the thesis mainly discusses the problems of IMF from two aspects which include internal mechanism and business activities. The problems of internal mechanism include the relationship of IMF and its member states, internal institutions and share voting rights. The problems of business activities include cooperation, supervision and crisis handling ability.The essence of this thesis is chapter 4. In this chapter, the thesis mainly demonstrates and analyses the plan of reformation on the ground of China. At first, the thesis demonstrates the important significance in the socialist rule of law, the market economic system and international financial law of Chinese participation in reformation of IMF. Second, the thesis puts forward to my view that the basic principle of reformation is comprehensive, balanced, progressive and effective. At last, from Chinese perspective, the thesis puts forward some plans of reformation of IMF.The last chapter is epilogue. In this chapter, the thesis draws the conclusion that in the frame of <Agreement of International Monetary Fund>, the relationship of China and IMF is Interactive. On the one hand, China should use the legislative guidelines, technical assistance and cooperative platform. On the other hand, China should actively promote the reformation of IMF.
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