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On The Learning Style Administrative Organization Culture Construction Based On The Promotion Of Government Competition

Posted on:2012-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338971518Subject:Administrative Management
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With the rapid development of our society, the integration of market economy, the globalization of net information and the globalization of competition and communication is becoming an inexorable trend. Being faced with competition among participants of various organizations because of limited resources, the government, as a form of organization, has to keep promoting its strengths to remain competitive in such an competitive environment. Therefore, scholars from home and abroad have conducted the research on the promotion of government competitiveness from various angles. Administrative culture is the soul of administration management. There are numerous research on the improvement of government competitiveness in terms of culture, but the advocacy of learning administrative culture, which is aimed to serve the government organizations, is comparatively less. This thesis is based on the related research on learning-type organization, and is expected to creating a new type of administrative organization culture to improve government competitiveness. At present, the Construction of learning-type administrative culture is in its infancy, and is increasingly valued because of the development of the theory and the urgent need of the improvement of government competitiveness. The basic concepts, characteristics and functions of learning-type administrative culture are clarified based on our broad research. In the meantime, the inner meaning of government competitiveness, its structure and the deep analysis of the relationship between government competitiveness and government organization culture are also defined. At last, as the interface of government organization culture, the learning-type administrative organization culture is to change the traditional thinking ways of the government, creating the inner needs of government organization and promote the basic environment of the comprehensive qualities of government civil servants. Although we know the value of the research on learning-type administrative organization culture, the situation of its development does not belong to the mainstream culture but the subculture, and what is more, there is disconnection between the promotion of government competitiveness and the requirement of the organization subject, the pursuit of profit balance and a scientifically led implementation. Because of the defects of the system of learning-type administrative organization culture during the construction process, the low motive of leaning among civil servants, the untamed empiricism, and low awareness of teamwork spirit in the government, and deep issues like individualism, we are aimed to propose an creation solution by creating the ideology and methodology of learning-type administrative organization culture for a healthy development learning-type organization administrative culture and finally the improvement of government competitiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:learning-type administrative organization culture, learning-type organization, government competitiveness, creation, countermeasure
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