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Build A Harmonious World Of China's Public Diplomacy

Posted on:2012-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338974089Subject:International politics
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Public Diplomacy is a series of practices and activities launched by the government or by the public and non-government organizations under the support of the government, aiming at propagandizing, shaping a favorable international image, improving international recognition and securing national interests ultimately. Public Diplomacy often resorts to cultural exchange, information dissemination, public media and the like to expand the communication between governments and citizens. Public Diplomacy, emerging from America, is based on soft power and is becoming a increasingly important diplomatic approach when hard-power diplomacy is experiencing numerous restrictions.Although the theory of public diplomacy emerged very early in China, it lagged far behind that in western counterparts in teams of formally-developed theories and practices. After a short-term development, however, public diplomacy initially forms a coordinated and collaborative development model and plays an important role in diplomatic practices. Guided by the idea of harmonious world, reshaping the stability and peace-loving international image of our country can help outside world gain a better understanding of China and reduce the misunderstandings; can make China Threat Theory lose its grounds; and can contribute a lot to the solutions to many issues such as Tibet issue and Sinkiang issue.During the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai World Expo in 2010, China has given full play to the role of Public Diplomacy, exposing a vigorous and stable China to the whole world. And the Public Diplomacy has entered a new stage. But we should also be conscious the fact that the development of public diplomacy in China still remains in a preliminary stage and faces severe pressures from world opinion and epochal challenges. Many problems remain to be settled immediately. Hence, we should transform the traditional diplomatic ideas and stress the public diplomacy. At the same time, the building of subjects of public diplomacy and pertinence of objects should be strengthened. Also, we should establish an effective public diplomacy strategy, perfect the public diplomacy system and make better use of the mainstream medium and website to carry out public diplomacy practices in order to reach perfection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Harmonious World, Public Diplomacy, Soft Power, China Threat Theory, Tibetan Issue
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