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Of Liability Insurance And Tort Liability Act

Posted on:2012-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A right without remedy is not right, So, since it has its own private rights, the rights of a relief, tort liability law-is tort liability law for damages the main field of legal system, it in the maintenance of public order and promote social public economic development plays a tremendous role. However, with the development of society, the tort liability law by other system of growing influence, among them, the most representative is liability insurance system.Liability insurance system in our country wide application in practice level also relatively mature, possesses operability, but in the theoretical level, both relation is still a focus of the academic debate. Scholars on a search for damages, many from liability insurance and tort liability law both unilateral be fastidious, rarely both a link, thus causing theory and practice of various damage compensation system, the conflict between against the interests of the victim protected. Sensitive to this, this paper from the two relations of the concepts of both, type and the concurrence of comparison, for the sake of the cognizance of actual work with a solution.Liability insurance in the impact of Tort Law at the same time promoting the development of tort law. Contemporary damages from the tort liability system, method, insurance system and social security system constitute. Social security system in China today has not been established, we examine compensation system in time, even more should focus on coordination of liability insurance and tort liability law relationship between the two. Better understanding of the liability insurance associated with the Tort Liability Act, the responsibility for our understanding of modern tort law and liability insurance values, build a reasonable compensation system and the proper settlement of both the theory and practice in conflict, are of great significance.
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