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History Investigation Of The Party Staff's "loyal And Professional" Standard

Posted on:2012-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330362953497Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The socialism reform was basically completed in 1956, it marks the China's socialist system initially established. In socialism period, for economic development, Mao Zedong brought up the"loyal and professional"standard first time at the Third Plenary Session of the Eight CPC Central Committee.The"loyal"of the"loyal and professional"standard mainly refers to"the political standard","the world outlook"."Professional"mainly refers to do a good job with the real ability and learning, skill, abilities, experience, level and so on. In narrow sense, it also refers to"the specialized knowledge, the specialized ability"."loyal and professional"is not antagonistic and paratactic, it also cannot be considered that it has the difference between major and minor and substitute for eaeh other, it should be a relationship of dialectical unity. However, the"loyal and professional"standard was not understood scientifically in a period of time. With time goes on, as a history term, the"loyal and professional"faded out the stage of history gradually.The article starts from the proposing, implementation and development and so on of the"loyal and professional"standard, and investigates the history of"loyal and professional"standard, then summarizes the experience and exhortation of evolution of"loyal and professional"standard, which provides some reference for personnel training and selection, and so on. Four parts compose this article: First part is introduction.Second part is investigating the first statement of"loyal and professional"standard. It elaborating the background and foundation of"loyal and professional"standard, discussing the meaning of"loyal"and"professional"and their relationship, investigating how to train staff, select staff and examine staff under the guidance of"loyal and professional"standard, and the process of"loyal and professional"standard was misunderstood and distorted.Third part is investigating restoration and development of"loyal and professional"standard. After the reform and opening up,"loyal and professional"standard was restored, and advance to"four mordenizations"standard further. Under the guidance of"four mordenizations"standard, training,selecting and examining the staff systematized gradually.Fourth part: On the basis of Investigation of the first part and the second part, it reflects and summarizes the experience of the evolution about"loyal and professional"standard in today's view.
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