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Financial Crisis And The Legalization Of Fiscal Macro-control Policies

Posted on:2011-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330362956956Subject:Economic Law
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America's financial crisis erupted hand due to economic development, on the other hand excessive liberalization and legal system failure are inseparable. From an economic perspective on, financial crisis originated in asset securitization of excessive prosperity and the innovation of financial derivatives than the market's ability to handle then cause financial bubble . But from a legal point of view, it is the financial crisis certainly exists before breaking, the government as a visible hand not only ignores the financial industry but also existing law behind-time. Legal inherent defect can't satisfy the continued to maintain economic recovery and orderly environment, the financial and taxation macro-control policy is in coping with a financial crisis of emergency, for implementing measures of strictly limited and democratization and for financial capital to public and supervision are required by law to perfect .But if we want to protect interests of all parties, the financial and taxation macro-control policy content must be written into law. In the meantime the rights and public taxpayers into legal appeal, the financial and taxation macro-economic regulation and control policy implementation process is whether a new law enacted inspection process. The financial and taxation macro-control policy about rule-of-law will push a relatively slow process , in order to avoid the legal passivity cause new economic problems, the financial and taxation macro-control policy shall be fully consider the legal rule of economic operation of advanced foresight, through establishing emergency response bill, taxpayer public participation and declassification of government information to finish the financial and taxation macro-control policy, then control policy under the rule of law to prevent the risk of economy development from happening again.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial crisis, Legal failure, Financial and Taxation macro-control policy, Legalization
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