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Analysis Of The Former French President Charles De Gaulle Based On Leadership Science

Posted on:2012-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chinese government,as the planning and leadership department in charge of our economy and social development, shoulder tremendous historical responsibility and mass trust. How to plan well and face the challenge, pushing our economic to grow fast and sound, is the major issue in front of our governments of all level. In this new era, traditional cadres merely with management ability is not sufficient for the demand of our time, thus promoting cadres'leadership become the focus. Modern Leadership Science is based on the activities and explores its general principle so as to direct the real activities in our daily life. Compared to other discipline, Leadership Science covers a lager range of area and combines lots of other disciplines, thus become complex.As the core of leadership activities, the leaders are always the focus of Leadership Science research. Based on the theory of modern Leadership Science, analyzing a large number of leaders'idea and method throughout the human history is the main research method. Considered one of the greatest leaders in 20 century, Charles de Gaulle was highly-honored and had a splendid life which provides essential materials for study. This paper is from the perspective of Leadership Science, combined with the knowledge of public administration, using article-analyzing and case-study to research Charles de Gaulle's leadership activities which involves three classic elements---leaders, followers and leadership environment.Based on the conclusion of all life and history of the General de Gaulle, the text expounds the characters of his leadership's activities from four different aspects: sense of crisis, vision statement, communication and conviction. First of all, the personal charm of General de Gaulle, such as intelligence, sentiment and moral are the internal causes of his success. Second, the social background and the political and cultural environment of the France at that period are indispensible factors of his success. Finally analyze how General de Gaulle motivates his followers from the view of his followers. At the end of this article are some suggestions for strengthening the leadership capacity of the public sector.
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