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Existence Of Land Acquisition Disputes And Its Way Out Of Justice

Posted on:2012-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368479272Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Recent years, with the social and economic development rapidly, urban construction accelerated, the city spread to the surrounding rural areas to become a trend, rural land acquisition into the day phase. This non-renewable resource land increasingly disappears, increasing peasants, land acquisition due to a conflict of interest caused by expansion of social conflicts intensified. Section is accompanied by the distribution of land disputes triggered by a series of cases brought to us a severe test of justice, the judiciary has also become the focus of attention. After nearly a year of court I practice on the grassroots level in recent years, land acquisition disputes the court's actual situation, access to the relevant files, targeted to summarize, analyze and participate in the actual proceedings of such cases, and the judge joint research, field visits to villages in the land expropriated, and the villagers face to face, dealing with such disputes to the Court of Justice practice to provide references.In the rural areas because of the many disputes caused by land acquisition, the rural land expropriation compensation after the distribution of income was the most prominent of such cases handled by the lack of a clear legal basis for arbitrary large operation to bring some practitioners difficulties. Service contracting parties not only difficult to make interest-defendants, will lead to a large number of leapfrog petition, the group petition events, to social stability and planted unrest. Therefore, the author of grassroots courts, for example, in the analysis of land expropriation on the basis of basic content, focusing on the grassroots courts over the years, land acquisition malpractice cases on the actual situation, interpretation of grassroots courts in adjudicating disputes land acquisition difficulties encountered in the administration of justice, Behind the dispute arose to explore the deep causes of disputes from the judicial practice in theory building solutions. Land acquisition disputes is the judicial way of sustainable development and gradual improvement of a gradual process, long way to go. Through this research project, to encourage each of my colleagues and society, to further improve and perfect the collection of grass-roots land disputes courts of justice way to maintain stability in rural areas, promote sustainable economic development in rural areas.
Keywords/Search Tags:land expropriation disputes, judicial referee, Jurisdiction Dilemma, solving path
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