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The Research Of Expectation And Demand Of Employee Of Non-public Economy To Governmental Basic Public Services Of Dongguan

Posted on:2012-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368493700Subject:Public Management
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Non-public economy is important part of our national economy, along with the Reform and Opening-up process in-depth, non-public economy grow rapidly, the numbers of employees of non-public economy increase very fast, especially new generation of migrant workers to join non-public economy enterprise or to start up an enterprise, the demand on government's social management are getting higher expectation. Dongguan as the front position of the Reform and Opening-up, non-public economy got well developed, its economic volume accounts for more than 80% of Dongguan total economic volume. Its employed population accounts for more than 80% of Dongguan total population, around 6.5 million employed in non-public economy, most of them are working in the manufacturing enterprises, such as labor-intensive industry, processing trade industry and so on. Since the numbers of employees of non-public economy are numerous, it plays an important role in Dongguan manufacturing enterprises and determines the overall quality of labor force in Donguan manufacturing enterprises. So, to find out the ideology of employees who work in non-public economy enterprises, and understand the needs on the basic public services, to do so, it is important to help government to enhance its ability of the social management.By doing an intensive study, this paper analysis five areas changes of the needs on public services which employees of Donguan non-public economy are needed. That is, on the demand level, change from "Seeking Survival" to"Improvement and development"; on the claims of labor rights, change from "basic fulfillment" to "higher expectation"; on the identity recognition, change from "farmer" to "worker/citizen"; on the ways of rights awareness, change from "passive expression" to "active assertion"; on the spiritual and cultural needs, change from "ignorance/ negligence" to "satisfaction in many aspects". This paper also does a brief analysis about the deficiency of basic public services mainly focus on non-public economy employees, such as employment environment, learning and training, children's education, spiritual and cultural needs, labor rights protection and so on. This paper also point out the necessity and urgency of strengthening and improving public services to employees of non-public economy. In this context, focusing on non-public economy employees' point of view to the response and expectation of the basic public services that provided by the government. This paper does a comprehensive research in the field of employment policy, education policy, housing policy, government efficiency, labor rights protection, government image and basic social security and so on. Thus, this paper proposes the content and ways of basic public services that government should provide to non-public economy employees:1) transformation of government functions, to increase management ability of public services; 2) working condition improvement, to construct harmonious labor relations; 3) strengthening social governance, to enhance employee's urban identity; 4) household registration regulation reform, to increase belonging of non-public economy employee; 5) stimulating enterprise culture development, reinforce enterprise staff's humanistic care.Through the Dongguan case study, in order to prompt government to adopt strongly concentrated, scientific, long-term, systematic way to meet non-public economy employee's expectation and needs, to push non-public economy and public economy development, to enhance non-public economy employees'social participation, to push Dongguan economy and society double transformation, to accelerate the construction of happiness of Dongguan.
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