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Of A Civil Lawsuit System

Posted on:2012-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Now, with the deepening of economic reform and the development of economic. More and more social conflicts resulting,and it appeared features like new,depth, marginal and so on. With people's awareness of the law and rights. People began to seek relief by social forces. No doubt, court became the "savior". But it is embarrassing, People go to court with great expectations, they have found that many disputes blocked out by judicial door, because of the limitations of the current civil prosecution system. People's court as a special agencies to resolve disputes, it should take up the mission of protection of social justice, absorb conflicts and resolve disputes. China's civil prosecution system is inadequate, it virtually set harsh conditions for people to prosecute,"difficult to prosecute"and"difficult to place"made people hard to access justice, people's legal rights can not be guaranteed.Paper try to base on how to protect the civil right to sue and research civil prosecution system. Starting from the"difficult to prosecute"of civil law, first, I will study the theary of the civil prosecution system; second, I will compare with civil prosecution system of foreign country, and find how to learn form them; third, I will analyze the situation and the reasons of China's civil prosecution system; last, I want to talk about some ideas of how to reform China's civil prosecution system, try to make it easier to access justice, try to protect people's right of action, try to enhance the credibility of the judiciary.
Keywords/Search Tags:the system of handling civil compaints, rights of civil litigation, the requirements to commence an action, interest of action
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