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A Study On The Role Of College-graduate Village Official In The New Socialist Countryside Construction In Tangshan

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Urbanization in China has made remarkable achievements; however, the vast rural areas are lagging behind in terms of material and spiritual civilization construction, resulting in a growing gap between wealthy and poor as well as town and country. To build socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, we must first solve the rural issues by focusing on the rural development with the key the"three rural"issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, which are always related to the quality of the nation, economic development, social stability, and prosperity of the country. In the 21st century, the "three rural" is also extremely important and continue to play an indispensable role in the foundation and guarantee. In this sense, the success of the socialist modernization of China depends on the solution to "three rural" issues. The study of the"three rural"issue is to settle farmers'income increase, agricultural growth and rural stability. For this purpose, the Party Central Committee puts forward to balance urban and rural development and pushes on strongly the construction of new socialist accordance with the requirement of product development, Wealthy life, civilization in village custom, clean and tidy villages and democratic management, The essence of building a new socialist countryside is all-round development and progress of the rural economy, politics, culture to achieve industry nurturing agriculture and cities support rural areas to achieve that industry nurtures agriculture and cities support rural areas, then reach the common prosperity.Construction of new countryside urgently needs high-quality rural comprehensive specialist of management. With higher education moving on to public education, the quantity of college graduates increases sharply year by year, so the problem of employment is also getting more and more prominent. Since Chinese college expanded enrollment in 1999, the number of college graduates has increased year by year. From 2002 to 2009, the number of college graduates jumped from 1.4 million to 6 million, with the increase of the number of graduates, the job market oversupplied. The employment of college graduates was only 70% to 80% in recent years. The issue of employment is related to the sustained and steady economic development and social stability and harmony. Jiangsu province firstly put into trial use by recruiting college students to rural services in 1995, and then in March 2008, the State highlighted selection in five years 100,000 college graduates to serve the village, until today all over the vigorous development has been 16 years of practical experience. The proposal of college-graduate village official project links Construction of new countryside to college-graduate employment, making dynamic integration between guiding and encouraging college to work in the rural grassroots units and serving for the construction of new socialist countryside, which is a win-win strategy that can not only train young people to grow up and become useful but also promote the rural development. through college-graduate village official project, our country leads tochange the career choices of college students .Construction of new countryside provides a broader space for the college student career development. It also proposes a new task that how to serve the construction of new countryside better for higher education. Selecting and engaging the college-graduate village official have quite vital significance, for example, relieving the college-graduate employment pressure, enhancing the overall quality of the countryside cadre troop, reducing the gap between city and rural, advancing construction of new socialist countryside and realizing the socialism common prosperity finally.As an eastern coastal city with obvious geographical advantages and rapid economic development, Tangshan City, Hebei Province has carried out college-graduate village official project since 2006. 2320 college students have been selected as village officials to serve the village, giving a strong impetus to the rural economy development of Tangshan, including a number of outstanding individuals who have become outstanding young representatives of Hebei Province. With the systematic survey on the working situation of college-graduate Village officials in Tangshan, combined with individual conversations, telephone interviews, literature search and other methods, This paper tries to explore the role of college-graduate village official in the new socialist countryside construction in Tangshan by taking the actual life and work of Tangshan college-graduate village official as the breakthrough point, meanwhile, discovers problems faced by College-graduate village officials of Tangshan in the construction of new socialist countryside, and then analyzes the related causes, in order to offer some advice on solving those problems from many angles .The article aims to give inspiration to the sustainable development of college-graduate village official project , and carry out it in practice truly ,which can make college-graduate village official go into the village, maintain in the village, do well and keep flowing , so as to achieve win-win objective between college-graduate employment and rural development. In order to better play the positive role of college-graduate village official, the article proposes countermeasures and the suggestions from aspects of government, colleges, town leaders and college-graduate village officials.There are four parts to research and analyze how college-graduate village official project play the role in the construction of new countryside.Part I elaborates the organic integration of college-graduate village official project and construction of new countryside .Firstly, it states the background and economic, political, cultural, social, legal construction development requirements of construction of new countryside; secondly, it describes the background and of college-graduate village official project, that is, the construction of new countryside needs talent and college graduates need employment. With the "point - line - surface" development process of college-graduate village official project, it turns out the historical inevitability of the combination of both further.Part II states college-graduate village officials of Tangshan have played role in the construction of new countryside. Firstly, describes the implementation situation of Tangshan college-graduate village officials project generally, including the situation in the post, mental outlook, the masses'opinion, management and training, and so on. Secondly, it focuses on the positive roles in the construction of new countryside, such as, promoting rural grassroots cadres, improving the organization's ability to govern, updating the traditional rural ideas, developing the rule of rural democracy and law, spreading and promoting new technologies, new knowledge, enhancing the new style of rural civilization, etc.Part III proposes the problems faced by College-graduate village officials of Tangshan in the construction of new socialist countryside. This part discusses and analyzes problems that why College-graduate village officials of Tangshan can't play a positive role in the construction of new socialist countryside from three aspects as College-graduate village officials, the management of party members at every level and social linkage.Part IV states the countermeasures and suggestions according to the problems faced by College-graduate village officials of Tangshan in the construction of new socialist countryside, linked with the aspects of students own, government ,colleges and universities .It suggests that college-graduate village officials strive to improve their own quality, government should support in policies and systems, colleges and universities should take on the mission of training, which all together, to help college-graduate village officials to play an active role better.
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